Evident Thrive (CPSI) EHR Faxing with RightFax

EHR faxing for CPSI strengthens the value of a product that's already synonymous with rural health care solutions. Now offered under the Evident brand, the flagship Thrive EHR offers the simplicity and cost-effectiveness that smaller, budget-constrained providers need to sustain the highest quality of care. Whether your practice is a long-time CPSI customer or just now considering a dpeloyment, RightFax integration is the clear path toward a fax environment as flexible and customizable as the EMR / EHR itself.

RightFax as an EMR / EHR Fax Solution

RightFax has long been the industry standard for health care faxing. When privacy is critical, and reliability can determine whether a patient receives timely care, there is no more trustworthy choice. These big-picture benefits are enabled by the many technical advantages of an enterprise-grade digital fax solution. For example, did you know that your CPSI / Evident digital fax integration will let your organization:
  • Save time and money by turning all paper documents into secure electronic ones?
  • Support HIPAA-compliant faxing and Meaningful Use efforts?
  • Cut out costly, cumbersome fax machines and their dedicated lines?
  • Instantly fax-enable practically every device and application in the office?
RightFax users will enjoy unrivaled ease of faxing, allowing them to reallocate their limited time toward tasks that impact patient care—not merely shuffling through stacks of paper. Likewise, EHR and fax administrators gain the peace of mind that comes with a robust integration, letting them focus on expanding functionalities rather than troubleshooting fax machines and MFPs.

CPSI / Evident EHR Fax Consulting Services

In decades of health care fax consulting, the Paperless Productivity® team has successfully managed EHR fax deployments for providers ranging from local clinics to major regional and university hospital systems. Our expertise ensures an on-time and on-budget rollout of your CPSI / Evident fax project, and in most cases, a positive ROI in roughly six months. To learn more about RightFax-CPSI fax integration or our EHR faxing services more generally, please contact us today.

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