RightFax 10 Fax Server Software

RightFax 10 provides new features and benefits to better serve your business. The numerous configurations available to your organization allow your software systems to fully fit the demands of your particular systems. RightFax 10 grants your organization more support and flexibility and streamlines business processes through a multitude of new features and add-ons, such as:

  • RightFax Web Access Client for user access via web browser
  • Barcode routing that streamlines fax routing process
  • Enhanced Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes Integration
  • Searchable PDF Module for simple archiving*

*Does not come standard

RightFax 10 provides increased flexibility and security as more businesses move to the cloud. The features of RightFax 10 make it easier for businesses to integrate their FoIP enabled RightFax into their business systems and, in so doing, further optimize their processes.

RightFax 10 Fax Server Editions

RightFax 10 is a highly scalable solution that can accommodate businesses and organizations of all sizes. From small businesses to global enterprises, RightFax 10 offers rock-solid systems perfectly suited for your needs.

RightFax 10 Business Server

RightFax 10 Business Server is an ideal solution for small to medium sized business with high fax volumes. RightFax 10 Business Server supports e-mail and multi-function printer integrations and leverages least cost routing of faxes. Business server can be modified based upon your existing systems and processes via add-ons and integration modules and can support up to thirty fax lines and unlimited users.

RightFax 10 Enterprise Server

RightFax 10 Enterprise Server provides national to global companies a solution for enterprise-wide faxing. Enterprise Server 10 is suited for organizations seeking to leverage multiple fax servers into a large-scale FoIP enabled document automation solution. Enterprise Server has the ability to share a single server for load-balancing and database consolidation. RightFax 10 Enterprise Server is fully scalable and customizable with numerous add-ons and up to 1024 fax channels.

RightFax 10 Enterprise Suite

RightFax 10 Enterprise Suite is ideal for national to global sized companies seeking to leverage multiple RightFax servers for enterprise-wide faxing with the power and functionality of multiple modules. Enterprise 10 Suite provides the same benefits as Enterprise Server, coupled with Microsoft Exchange Connector, Lotus Notes Connector, PDF Module, barcode routing, and encrypted and certified delivery.

RightFax 10 Enterprise Integration

RightFax 10 Enterprise Integration Server includes all of the features of Enterprise Suite with added functionality. Integration Server 10 offers a strong solution for large-scale companies seeking to leverage their existing ERP and CRM systems to deliver business critical documentation across the enterprise through the SAP Connector and RightFax Integration Module.

Implementing a Fax Server Solution

Feel free to consult our v16, v10.6, v10.5, or v10.0 part numbers lists to help you identify other modules or connectors that may bring additional value to your workflow. And remember, RightFax GSA pricing is also available for eligible organizations!

No matter the size of your business or existing business systems, RightFax 10 provides solutions catered to streamline workflows and enhance productivity and automated document delivery. Click here now or call toll-free 1-877-MY-FAXING (1-877-693-2946) today to schedule a live demo and see how RightFax 10 can drive down costs, enhance efficiency, and streamline business processes.

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