Revamping Fax Workflows in Healthcare: A Transition to Cloud Faxing


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Posted on: June 12, 2024

Faxing has long been a common bottleneck in healthcare workflows. Despite its cumbersome nature, it remains prevalent due to its security and familiarity.

However, faxing no longer necessitates paper or extensive on-premises infrastructure. Organizations across the industry are increasingly adopting cloud fax solutions in response to cost and regulatory pressures.

Cloud fax involves transmitting and managing faxes via public or private cloud services. A hybrid approach is also possible, where the fax server remains on-premises while fax telephony resides in the cloud.

When implemented correctly, cloud faxing is safe and secure for sensitive documents in highly regulated industries. Nevertheless, not all vendors provide adequate encryption, user authentication, or audit capabilities suitable for healthcare.

Introducing Private Fax Cloud®

Private Fax Cloud® is a pre-configured, bundled, and managed cloud fax solution built around RightFax, the industry standard. It is tailored to meet the workflow and security needs of modern healthcare organizations.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

HIPAA imposes stringent privacy standards and hefty penalties for violations. Private Fax Cloud incorporates HIPAA-friendly security measures as a standard part of its implementation.

  • Audit trails capture all interactions with every inbound and outbound fax.
  • Recipient verification minimizes the risk of unintended recipients.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) simplifies security and access management.
  • An optional Encryption Module extends 256-bit AES encryption to all fax images, including SQL Server image storage.

While faxing is only one aspect of HIPAA compliance, the right cloud fax platform can significantly reduce the compliance burden, mitigate risks, and free up resources for other privacy and security efforts.

Cost Efficiency

Traditional fax machines are expensive to operate, with costs for paper, toner, and maintenance quickly adding up. These expenses pale in comparison to rising analog telephony costs or the sheer hassle of managing large quantities of paper.

On-premises fax servers are an improvement on many levels but still require significant resources to deploy and support. Additionally, they become harder to integrate as other line-of-business applications move to the cloud.

Private Fax Cloud® reduces these costs by deploying most or all fax components on secure cloud infrastructure. As a managed, pre-configured RightFax implementation, it helps healthcare organizations save on physical resources and reduce or eliminate the need for dedicated fax lines. It also shifts the burden of updates and maintenance to our specialized team.

Improved Accessibility and Mobility

With Private Fax Cloud®, users can securely send and receive faxes from anywhere using any device with internet access. This flexibility benefits remote workers and medical staff who frequently travel between facilities.

Nearly real-time statuses and centralized fax management allow important documents to be accessed and transmitted quickly, ensuring timely communication and improving overall efficiency.


On-premises fax platforms can be tailored for local clinics or Fortune 500 corporations. However, as organizations grow, problems arise. On-premises solutions eventually need expensive infrastructure based on educated guesses about future usage.

Cloud solutions, conversely, offer seamless and prompt scaling in either direction without the need for hit-or-miss capacity planning. Private Fax Cloud® is inherently scalable, meeting the needs of small practices and large hospital systems alike. As the user base and fax volume grow, capacity keeps up without additional hardware or infrastructure changes.

Integration With Existing Systems

EMR and EHR systems are the backbone of modern healthcare operations. Private Fax Cloud® offers native integrations with all major EMRs/EHRs, line-of-business software, and legacy office devices. Custom integrations are possible through various APIs and interfaces maintained by OpenText, the company behind RightFax.

The result is an intuitive fax workflow within the EMR or EHR, leading to quicker and more accurate communication around patient records, lab results, and other critical documents.

Reliability and Disaster Recovery

Traditional fax servers can be made redundant and resilient, but this requires essentially duplicate infrastructure and the expertise to manage it all. Enterprise cloud fax solutions offer extensive storage and service redundancy, typically transparent to users.

Private Fax Cloud® automatically backs up documents and supports various levels of telephony failover and SLAs based on your organization’s needs. In a disaster, service is quickly restored thanks to the underlying cloud service provider’s worldwide redundancy and failover capabilities.

Public Cloud Faxing: A Comparative View

While public cloud fax services minimize support and scalability constraints, they are generally not recommended for healthcare customers. Compared to Private Fax Cloud®, public services often have larger billing increments, fewer native integrations, and less granular user and metadata management.

These limitations become more pronounced with larger user bases, higher fax volumes, or more line-of-business software integrations. A managed RightFax environment like Private Fax Cloud® is more robust and cost-effective for enterprise-scale healthcare scenarios.

Discover More About Private Fax Cloud®

Private Fax Cloud® is the easiest and most cost-effective way for healthcare organizations to implement RightFax smoothly and securely at any scale. Typical on-premises implementations bring significant IT and telecom overhead and require multiple vendors for specialized support. Private Fax Cloud offers centralized management and support under one roof.

If you’re considering infrastructure changes or facing fax service issues, Private Fax Cloud® may resolve your reliability, cost, and compliance concerns.

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