Fax to Email with Microsoft Fax

Fax to Email capabilities with Microsoft Fax server software operates in Windows Server 2003 and 2008, making exchanging faxes between PCs as easy as sending an email message. Microsoft Fax is compatible with millions of fax machines worldwide, and also provides advanced security and file transfer features that make fax to email an even easier and more power way of sharing information.

Microsoft Fax has been integrated into Microsoft Exchange, allowing for quick and easy access to faxes from a personal computer. You can send a fax by composing a Microsoft Exchange message, or by using the Send option on the File menu of a MAPI-compatible application (such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word). In addition, Microsoft Fax includes a fax printer driver so that users can "print to fax" from within any Windows-based application.

Fax to Email with Microsoft Fax software in Windows Server 2003/2008

Fax to Email with Microsoft Fax Software Features

Microsoft Fax Software provides is a feature rich solution. The following are a few of the powerful features of Microsoft Fax software:

Fax at your fingertips.

With Microsoft Fax, sending traditional faxes to fax machines is now as easy as printing a document. Moreover, Microsoft Fax lets you securely exchange confidential documents at the highest transmission speed and image compression supported by the recipient fax machine. Any security specified by the user is applied before the message is even transmitted through the modem or connected fax device.

Windows Network Fax Service.

You can install a fax device in one computer and share it with other users within a workgroup. Individual computers can have their own fax devices installed and still use the shared fax device. Then, when you have made a fax connection in Windows, Microsoft Fax queries and exchanges its fax capabilities with the recipient. Windows for Workgroups and Microsoft At Work fax platforms are also capable of receiving binary files and traditional faxes.

Compatibility with Popular Fax Modems and Information Services.

Microsoft Fax is compatible with leading fax modems, and provides support for high-speed fax communications. MS Fax easily connects to fax-on-demand systems by using a feature that allows you to retrieve rendered faxes or editable documents from a fax information service.

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