Buy vs Lease

When acquiring large-scale equipment built for fax automation, fax software, or any kind of paperless technology, purchasing may require a large amount of money to be paid up-front. This technology is worthwhile, and Paperless Productivity can help you achieve an ROI in a short period of time (check out our ROI Calculator to find out more, or our Carbon Footprint Calculator to see environment impact). But even when a company is convinced that paperless automation software is worthwhile, it may still be difficult to internally finance such an investment.

Benefits of Leasing

Conserve Cash

By leasing, you don't have to put any money down or have to work through long-term loans. You can reap the rewards of paperless fax technology and document automation without paying for everything up front.

Schedule Payments To Match Cash Flow

With leasing, you can customize everything around yourself and line up payments with points where you'll have the money to pay. Tailor it all to the fluctuations of your own business environment.

Potential For Purchasing At End

Leasing doesn't mean that everything needs to be purely rental. Build a lease agreement that leaves you as owner after the term and let the financer take in the depreciation costs until that point.

Preserve Bank Lines Of Credit

Safeguard precious lines of credit for when they're really needed.

Don't be afraid to invest in fax technology because of the buy-in cost.

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