AS Software’s AS-OBGYN is an industry-standard tool for ultrasound/image management. It has rapidly gained traction among OBGYN practices thanks to an intuitive interface, high customizability, and broad integrations.

But for most clinics, faxing to and from AS-OBGYN still causes problems:

  • The hassle of extra print + fax workflow steps
  • The expense of dedicated machines, phone lines, and consumables for faxing
  • The privacy and HIPAA compliance risks of paper documents

These occur throughout the healthcare industry, but are most acute among practices that rely on niche applications (like AS-OBGYN) that aren’t widely used within their hospital/network.

Just the same, cost and compliance pressures continue to grow. OB-GYN practices must fix these faxing challenges to establish an operational advantage and stay financially and professionally viable in their valuable, high-stakes specialty.

The Future of AS-OBGYN Faxing

Many providers already use modern, paperless fax technology to bolster security while eliminating these headaches.

RightFax brings enterprise-class fax server technology to AS-OBGYN, just as with countless other medical and business applications. It is a server-based application that handles all document transmission centrally and without touching another piece of paper!

  • Fully HIPAA-compliant digital fax workflow
  • Uncompromising security and efficiency
  • Automatic inbound fax routing to a wide range of destinations
  • Real-time phonebook management and directory integration
  • Easy outbound faxing from anything that can print
  • Integrations with virtually all commercial software

With RightFax, your AS-OBGYN reports can be delivered with a click. IT and audit teams can access a full transmission history at any time. A single fax solution can even serve all other applications in your practice.

If you have or are evaluating AS Software’s OBGYN solution, then nothing will add more value or versatility than RightFax.

As experts in the healthcare faxing niche, we regularly help providers improve service, security, and margins by implementing a modern faxing solution. To learn more about our consulting methodology, or simply to pick an expert’s brain, please contact us today.