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Océ Fax Integration & RightFax MFP Connectors

Océ MFPs are a go-to product for offices in need of efficient, high-volume document output solutions. RightFax sets the standard for enterprise fax server performance and fax workflow digitization. And when implemented together, a RightFax-Océ faxing environment takes organizations to the forefront of fax automation and efficiency.

The more integral your Océ MFPs are to business processes, the greater the potential benefits and ROI of an MFP fax integration project. If you can’t answer “yes” to questions like the following, then it’s time to explore the savings and features that RightFax makes possible.

  • Do you have full, audit-ready knowledge of which documents are faxed, when, and by/to whom?
  • Can you fax from all current and future workplace applications with just a couple clicks?
  • Have you already minimized consumables and labor costs related to faxing?

RightFax / Océ MFP Faxing by Model

Although discontinued as of writing, dozens of Océ MFPs models are still in wide use. If your organization uses any of the following, we are here to help you understand your options for MFP fax server integrations.

3165 Book Copier
VarioLink 2222c
VarioLink 2822c
VarioLink 3622c
VarioLink 4522c
VarioLink 5522c
VarioLink 6522c
VarioLink 2221
VarioLink 2821
VarioLink 3622
VarioLink 4222
VarioLink 5022
VarioLink 6022
VarioLink 7522
VarioLink 9522
VarioPrint 1055
VarioPrint 1055 Book Copier
VarioPrint 1065
VarioPrint 1075
VarioPrint 2062
VarioPrint 2065 Prémia Class
VarioPrint 2070 Prémia Class
VarioPrint 2075
VarioPrint 2075 Digital Printer

Please note that multiple connectors are available, including manufacturer-specific RightFax MFP Connectors, universal SMTP and XML Connectors, and a Mail-to-Fax Connector. Requirements depend on the customer’s specific device(s), so please contact a Paperless Productivity solutions architect to learn more about MFP faxing options within your unique environment.

RightFax Expertise at Your Fingertips

Our consultants have deployed MFP fax integrations for all major manufacturers, and in organizations from local to international in scale. To discuss whether or how your own company may benefit from RightFax integration, see the product in action, and learn more about our follow-up RightFax support and training, contact a representative today online or via phone at 877 MY FAXING (693-2946).

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