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RightFax 10.6 Enterprise Suite Fax Server

RightFax Enterprise Suite 10.6 is a fax server solution for national to global sized companies that require high levels of faxing across the enterprise. Within Enterprise Suite, multiple fax servers coordinate to provide for a company’s faxing needs across their network. The Enterprise Suite solution provides all fundamental benefits and capabilities of other editions, including:

  • Customizable applications for compatibility
  • Compliant document distribution
  • Full Scalability
  • Network-wide desktop faxing

The Enterprise Suite helps organizations achieve numerous initiatives by driving down costs associated with traditional document transfer, increasing employee productivity, ensuring compliance, and moving to a solution that shortens the business cycle allowing earlier recognition of revenue. Like the Enterprise Server, Enterprise Suite optimizes multiple fax servers into large-scale enterprise, wide fax deployment. This software is a fully customizable and fully scalable solution that provides unlimited users and up to 1024 fax enabled channels for high availability.

RightFax Enterprise Suite Integration and Functionality

An Enterprise Suite license provides organizations with all of the standard add-ons of the Enterprise Server. However, Enterprise Suite includes more add-ons for increased compatibility and functionality at a discounted price. Features accessible out of the box include include:

  • Web Access Client
  • RightFax Internet Connector
  • OCR Routing and Conversion
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Secure SMTP Mail Gateway for cloud based and on-site email systems
  • Alerting and Monitoring Functionality
  • Unlimited SMS Transactions
  • PDF Module
  • SNMP Module
  • Barcode Routing Module
  • Connector for Microsoft Exchang and Lotus Notes

RightFax Enterprise Suite integrations and add-ons offer security, reliability, functionality, and compatibility for any organization. Many additional add-ons are available to strengthen your fax solution, such as:

  • Searchable PDF Module
  • SAP Connector
  • SharePoint Connector
  • RightFax Integration Module
  • Shared Services Module
  • eDocs Connector
  • And many more

No matter the size or needs of your organization, this rock-solid, enterprise-wide fax server is customizable for any existing workflow. Integration possibilities with existing systems can help maximize productivity and minimize costs. Please visit the appropriate v10.6 / v10.5 / v10.0 page for a comprehensive listing of RightFax modules and connectors

An Enterprise Suite document distribution solution optimizes businesses processes and integrates with numerous mission-critical applications. Click here now or call toll-free 1-877-MY-FAXING (1-877-693-2946) today to schedule a live demo and see how Enterprise Suite v10.6 can increase productivity, decrease costs, and streamline business processes.

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