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Whether you use an electronic fax server solution, or simply old-fashioned paper-based faxing, a cover sheet is a necessity. We’ve provided you with some free, generic sample fax cover letters in the most common formats?some businesslike and some a little tongue-in-cheek; some traditional and some more creative. Whichever you choose, we wish you happy faxing, and we hope you’ll keep us in mind when it comes time to implement a more efficient fax solution!

Faxing Tips

  • Fax is best when it’s black-and-white. Grayscale extends transmission time by 50-200%, so stick to Black-and-White logos on your fax cover sheet
  • Grayscale logos or images result in lower quality fax transmissions that are more difficult to read
  • Think about how you want (or need) the logo to appear, and weigh the benefits of color vs. black-and-white logos. In 99.9% of cases, black-and-white logos work best for fax cover letters.
  • Treat a fax machine as a scanner with a phone line attached to it. Using ‘Fine Mode’, black-and-white logos, and a high quality font will create a good quality document that can be read by people or software (OCR).
Generic business fax cover letter template Fax cover letter template form Sample business fax cover sheet template

Business Fax Cover Letter Form


Fax Cover Letter Template Sheet


Free Business Fax Cover Sheet

This professional fax cover sheet is ideal for your business faxing purposes.


Sample fax cover sheet for all business faxing needs.


Free, generic fax cover letter template for paper and electronic fax solutions.







Free Cover Template for Fax


Free Fax Cover Letter Form


Free Fax Cover Letter Template

Professional fax cover sheet template to help keep your business documents organized


Free, generic fax cover letter form for paper and electronic faxing


Use this free fax cover letter template for electronic or paper faxing of business documents





Free Sample Fax Cover Letter Form


Generic Fax Cover Sheet Template


Sample Fax Cover Letter Template

Generic fax cover letter form to be used for paper and electronic business faxes


Generic fax cover sheet template for paper and electronic fax solutions


Sample fax cover letter template for paperless faxing software, electronic faxing, and paper faxes







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