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There is nothing more frustrating than an unresolved technical issue, especially with something as integral to your daily communications as your OpenText RightFax server. Paperless Productivity is ready and willing to help you with your RightFax support needs when it comes to getting things back online. In addition to ongoing support plans, Paperless Productivity offers one-time technical RightFax support.

  • Address specific technical issues to RightFax software
  • Finish implementation/integration projects quickly and correctly
  • Support for RightFax 10.5, RightFax 10.0, RightFax 9.4, RightFax 9.3, RightFax 9.0, RightFax 8.7 and below

Professional RightFax Support for 2 hours

RightFax Support – 2 Hours

This package is often sufficient for basic RightFax troubleshooting, user configurations, and some basic server component set up or technical support*

Price: $300.00

Professional RightFax Support for 4 hours

RightFax Support – 4 Hours

This package is often sufficient for RightFax Module set up and configuration, multiple user set up, and advanced troubleshooting*

Price: $550.00

Professional RightFax Support for 8 hours

RightFax Support – 8 Hours

This package is often sufficient for RightFax server set up, configuration, upgrade, and / or advanced technical support*

Price: $1,000.00

* Every RightFax system and customer network environment is unique. The above information is merely for reference. A more accurate estimate can be provided after review by a Solution Engineer.

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